If you have a question that we did not address below, you are welcome to call 705.702.4524 and speak with one of our sales representatives.

What happened to Eastlink?

kci-folderKawartha Cable Internet purchased Eastlink’s former Scugog Island, Blackstock, Nestleton, Caesarea, Little Britain, Oakwood, Gilson Point, Pleasant Point, Port Hoover, and Seagraves cable networks, thus becoming your new cable services provider. We are a 100% regional business and our head office is located in Little Britain, Ontario. We distinguish ourselves as the number one choice across our service area with local service and support. Our goal is to give you the best cable experience through evolved and highly competitive services. Please review the welcome package sent to you for more details.

What will happen to my services?

No changes to your services will be possible for at least one month, the required period to fully integrate your account into our systems. Your analog and digital channels will remain the same until December, 2016.  Network upgrades are planned.  In order for you to benefit from our service offer, one of the most competitive in the Township of Scugog and Kawartha Lakes, we have converted your old analog TV channels to digital thus providing you with a much better viewing experience. High speed Internet, powered by Fibre Optics, is available now in many areas providing speeds from 10Mb/s up to 200mb/s. Visit our website and stay informed for new developments in your area. 

NOTE: The welcome package you received included several options to upgrade your current TV plans and to add an Internet/Phone bundle. These options will be available only until December 15th., 2016.

How will I pay for my Kawartha Cable Internet services?

You have received your first Kawartha Cable Invoice in your Welcome Package along with a bill payment form which can be returned with a credit card, a debit option or can be paid via cheque or through your financial institution.  You will receive monthly invoices as usual for your current services and we welcome the opportunity to pre-sign up for new services coming soon to your area.

To register with Kawartha Cable Internet for pre-authorized debit, please fill out the form enclosed in your welcome package and return it with a voided cheque. Be sure to remember to check if your payments to Eastlink is setup for automatic payment. if unsure, please contact your bank to stop your payments to Eastlink.

If you wish to pay by cheque, please visit our offices or send your cheque to the following address:
Kawartha Cable Internet
413 Eldon Rd, Little Britain,
Ontario, K0M2C0

If you wish to pay through your financial institution, please note that you now have a new account number. See the attached customer info form for your account number to make your payments  Be sure to enter Kawartha Cable Internet as recipient along with your new account number.

Please note that your service pricing has not changed. Despite every precaution we have taken to properly input your account info into our system, an error might have occurred. If such was the case, please contact customer service at 705.702.4524

NOTE:  Direct Withdrawal Correction
Included with the forms in your introductory package was the following text for the Direct Withdrawal option:

Direct Withdrawal. 
Void Cheque required to make use of this option. Billing is completed on the first working day of the month. Please also provide the first billing period payment in form of a cheque”

Will I keep the TV Plan I currently have?

tv-packs-sell-sheetIf you are currently subscribed to receive all the channels there will be no changes to your current channel listing. Your welcome package included an Exclusive Introductory TV Pack Offer available until November 30, 2016. Pre-Sign now and your current subscription rate will be reduced to $75 and you will continue to receive all your channels.

If you are currently subscribed to a Basic plan after November 30, 2016 , and decide not to upgrade, you will no longer receive the Favourites, Plus, Premium or Classics channels. If you upgrade your plan to the TV Pack before November 30, for $25 , you will get all the channels and you can take advantage of the Phone and Internet bundle offer also available until November 30, 2016. After November 30 the Phone and Internet plans will still be available but at the normal prices then in effect.

Digital TV

Of course we can’t forget about TV in our drive to bring you superior digital Internet.  Our first plan, set for the end of November, is to convert your current analog TV service to Digital HD TV.  This upgrade will be performed over the next few weeks and we will be providing you a new set top box if your TV does not have a digital converter.  Contact us for details at 705.702.4524

Can I add a Phone and Internet plan?

25-for-25-exist-customersIncluded in your welcome package is an offer to add an Internet and phone package to your existing plans. You must, however, pre sign before November 30, 2016. These plans are offered as a combination bundle only at $25 each. Our 3 year contract include no installation fees and your bundle price is fixed for the full 3 year term of your contract. 

NOTE: The Internet/Phone bundle plans will not be live in all areas at the same time. We will notify you when they are available in your area.

There is nothing better than being wired.  Our primary target for our customer is to get you blazing fast internet as quickly as possible utilizing our wired network.  Our network is already comprised of many kilometres of fibre optics which we will be converting to 25MB download services to the home over the next few months as part of the promotion bundle.
We are not just stopping there, the latest and greatest technology is also in our sites.  Combined with our fibre experience we will be pushing fibre deeper than ever into the current network along with using Docsys 3.1 technology to get you 1GB to the home as fast as we possibly can.

With the launch of our new internet services in your area, we will also be offering an all digital internet phone solution.  Why pay the high fees of the Telephone companies?  Switch to digital with Kawartha Cable Internet! NOTE: You must aslo subscribe to an Internet Plan when adding a Phone.